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How To Stop Tinnitus

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 12/07/2023

Are you looking for effective tinnitus relief methods? Let me tell you about a technique I discovered that can free you from the discomfort of this symptom.

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In this article: 

  1. What Is Tinnitus?

  2. What Causes Tinnitus?

  3. The Principle of Working on the "Mirror-Image Side" to Get Rid of the Pain

  4. The “Finger Drumming Technique” for Tinnitus Relief 

  5. The Location of Your Fingers Is Essential for Tinnitus Relief

  6. Other Tinnitus Remedies to Try

Tinnitus Relief and Other Treatments You Can Try


What Is Tinnitus? 

It’s actually the medical term for when a person hears or feels a ringing sensation in the ears. While this can be a temporary and minor occurrence, when it becomes frequent, it can be a symptom of another health condition. That’s when it gets serious.


What Causes Tinnitus?

Social Aid For Elderly Person | How to Stop Tinnitus

Age can cause tinnitus. Being exposed to loud noises frequently can also cause ringing in the ears. It can also be a side effect of medications like antibiotics, diuretics, antidepressants, and several cancer drugs. A previous head or ear trauma can also attribute to the ringing noise.


The Principle of Working on the "Mirror-Image Side" to Get Rid of the Pain

Now, how do we stop tinnitus? In my other techniques, the principle of getting rid of chronic pain, for example, is to work on another part of the body. You have this "stuck energy" that keeps hurting over and over, and to release it, you don't work on that area. You work on the mirror-image side. This technique I’m going to show you involves the same principle.


The “Finger Drumming Technique” for Tinnitus Relief 

For minor tinnitus, getting away from or minimizing the noise can alleviate it. A simple massage can also do the trick faster. Dr. Jan Strydom developed an easy technique for tinnitus relief. It seems to be pretty successful for managing tinnitus.

He named the method as the "finger drumming technique." I’m going to alter the technique just a little bit. 

The technique involves stimulation of the 8th cranial nerve. This nerve comes out of the brain stem, deep into the skull. Its name is vestibulocochlear, and it affects your hearing. If there is a problem with that nerve, you can have ringing in the ears as well.

With the use of the index and middle fingers, beat the back of the head like a drum. The back part is specifically the portion just above the point where the skull ends.

Strydom said to perform the technique around 40-50 times, but I suggest to repeat the procedure 20 times only until there’s no ringing anymore. Assessing the severity of tinnitus is also important. Rate it from 1-10 with 10 being the highest, and then right after every repetition, see if the ringing has lessened.

You may have to do this four or five times to get rid of tinnitus completely. There is a chance it might not work at all, though. If it does not work the first time you do it, it may not work at all. If it does work, the ringing stops right away. That's the simplicity of it. Keep repeating the technique and do it every day until it stays gone.


The Location of Your Fingers Is Essential for Tinnitus Relief

Pretty woman suffering from neck pain at home in the bedroom | How to Stop Tinnitus

The location is very important. If we take a look at where the 8th cranial nerve exits in the brain stem, it goes out at the level of where the hole in your ear is. If you draw a line going to the back part, you are going right around the occipital ridge. That ridge is where you're going to be flipping your finger. Your middle finger should be positioned just above it so you can tap that point with your index finger.

Occipital Ridge Definition: The area located at the back of the skull where the spine and base of the skull meet.

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Other Tinnitus Remedies to Try

Aside from the technique I suggested above, you can also try other treatment alternatives to get rid of ringing in the ears. 

1. Avoid Stress and Lower Inflammation

Repeated stress and high inflammation levels can both increase your risk of experiencing tinnitus and other ear problems, such as hearing loss and ear infections. Not only that, stress can worsen tinnitus because it can alter how your brain responds to noises your ears hear. Food allergies that can cause inflammation in the ears can negatively affect tinnitus as well.

2. Avoid Using High Doses of Medications

Several drugs and medications can make tinnitus worse, such as antibiotics, some antidepressants, and cancer medications. The higher the dose you take for these medications, the worse the tinnitus can become. Unwanted tinnitus noise may disappear if you stop taking these meds.

3. Do Not Use Q-Tips

Cotton swabs on table | How to Stop Tinnitus

A lot of people clean their ears with Q-tips, but earwax actually protects your ears as it traps bacteria and dirt. Do not stick anything in your ears to avoid ear damage or irritation. Sticking something like Q-tips into your ears can make tinnitus treatment or reduction less effective.

4. Do Not Listen to Loud Noises

Frequent exposure to loud noises, such as chainsaws, can contribute to tinnitus and other hearing problems. When you listen to your phone using earphones, lower the volume. You can achieve tinnitus relief if you are aware of the changes in your ability to hear.

5. Use Hearing Aids or Masking Devices

Hearing aids and masking devices are capable of making the intensity of the noise dull, which also drowns out tinnitus. You can even use a white noise machine, so you can hear a softer sound to cure tinnitus. Exposing yourself often to sound therapy can help you achieve relief from tinnitus.

6. Seek Advice from Medical Experts

One of the best ways to eliminate ringing in the ears and achieve tinnitus relief is to talk to medical experts for proper guidance on how to deal with the symptom. Doctors may encourage you to get involved in tinnitus retraining therapy that allows you to wear an ear device with a soothing sound, also helping you get a good night's sleep. This training or treatment for tinnitus aims to let your mind and body get used to the tinnitus sound.

This tinnitus relief technique I presented here provides great potential in easing symptoms of ringing in the ears. It can work for you, but if it does not, you have other treatment options to try. If you are unsure of what to do, immediately visit your doctor for proper medical counseling about the ringing in the ears.

What are your ways to achieve tinnitus relief? We want to know in the comments section below!

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