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What Does LOTS of EARWAX Buildup Mean?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 03/25/2022

Find out the best way to clean your ears! 

0:00 Introduction: What does a buildup of earwax mean?

0:10 How to clean your ears

1:17 What is earwax? 

3:20 What to do for overproduction of earwax

3:58 The best way to clean your ears 

4:55 The best remedies for an ear infection 

5:40 Is ear candling good for your ears? 

6:35 Learn more about controlling sebum in my video on acne!

Today, I will cover what could cause a buildup of earwax and the best way to clean your ears. 

Earwax contains a massive amount of microbes. These friendly microbes are an immune defense mechanism that protects you against pathogens. If you over clean your ears and lose these microbes, this can lead to various issues.

High androgens caused by high insulin can lead to an overproduction of earwax. In this situation, changing your diet to the Healthy Keto diet could be very beneficial to help regulate your androgens. 

When you clean your ears with a Q-tip, it’s important to be very gentle, only go in superficially, and use a circular motion, so you don’t push wax internally. The most important thing to realize is that you don’t want to over-clean your ears. 

The best way to clean your ears:

Step 1: Put a drop of hydrogen peroxide 3% and a drop of extra virgin olive oil in your ear.

Step 2: Lay down on one side with the ear containing the drops facing upward and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Step 3. Sit up with a cotton ball over your ear, and gently clean your ear. 

Natural remedies for an ear infection: 

• Colloidal silver 

• Grapefruit seed extract 

• Oregano oil 

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