Low Dose Baby Aspirin is Completely Safe, Right?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

If you take a baby aspirin every day, you need to watch this. 


0:00 Is it safe to take aspirin every day? 

1:10 The potential risks of taking aspirin every day

2:00 Natural ways to reduce inflammation 

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A lot of people take a baby aspirin every day. But is it safe to take a baby aspirin every day? 

Suppose I were to tell you that an amazing benefit of taking a baby aspirin every day would be reducing the risk of a cardiovascular event by 17%. You would probably think that’s amazing. But, you need all of the data. The risks may change your mind. 

In three major, credible studies, they found that the benefit of taking a baby aspirin every day was a 17% lower risk of a cardiovascular event. 

But, they found that taking a baby aspirin every day could cause a 47% higher risk of GI bleeding, which could increase your risk of dying from internal bleeding by 5-30%. They also found that it could cause a 37% increased risk of intracranial hemorrhage. 

Natural ways to help reduce inflammation:

• Olive oil 

• Turmeric 

• Ginger 

• Green tea

The Healthy Keto diet and intermittent fasting are also fantastic ways to help reduce inflammation in the body. 





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