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Liver The Central Hub of Fat Burning

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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All the fat in your body has to go through the liver to come out. This is why we do the “Liver Enhancement” as a first action. Very important!

If you just focused on healing your liver, you would lose so much fat that it wouldn’t be funny. If you have a goal of losing weight, instead, switch your goal to creating a healthy liver— you’ll end up with faster weight loss. Weight is just the symptom.

What prevents the liver from working are mainly poisons, chemicals, processed foods, cooked foods, enzyme-less foods, artificial fats, alcohol, medications, etc. The question is, what do you do to reverse and undo this environmental pollution?

Several very specific foods will help with this. These foods increase enzymes to literally change poisons into harmless particles.

These foods are the ones in the cruciferous family— cabbage, radish, kale, broccoli, watercress, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. These are liver foods and should be consumed in large quantities. They give the liver so much nutrition; the body has no choice but to get into fat burning. Consuming the cruciferous sprouts would be highly beneficial, too. Sprouts contain ten to fifty times the amount of immune protective properties that adult vegetables do.

If you do not like or cannot consume these foods, you can get them in tablet form. MY Organic Cruciferous Food and the Organic Cruciferous Sprouts Food are completely freeze-dried with absolutely NO binders of any kind.

Stay tuned for the next article, where I will talk about willpower and why people do not really have poor willpower.

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