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Insomnia Depression and Anxiety

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 03/13/2017

More and more people are getting anxious by the day. Likewise, the number of people who are clinically diagnosed with depression is on the rise. These interrelated conditions either precede or ensue sleeping disorders like insomnia. Due to a disrupted circadian rhythm, the brain sends incorrect signals to the body when triggered by either light or darkness. 

The relationship between the vitamin you get from the sun and depression is clear, as many people get depressed during the winter months. One way to address this is to get enough vitamin D in your system by going outdoors or basking in the sunlight. 

Furthermore, you need to get enough B vitamins (B1 and B12) to ensure that you get enough quality sleep. Natural tranquilizers like potassium and magnesium also take part in your wake-sleep pattern. 

While there’s no way for us to completely avoid being stressed and anxious, we can always cope with these triggers by living a healthy lifestyle and reinforcing the right nutrition to fight insomnia, depression, and anxiety. If you’re in search for the perfect sleeping aid, click on the insomnia coupon code.


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