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I am sleeping great

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

I Am Sleeping Great

20-year-old patient started gaining weight in elementary.

As she got older the weight got higher. She played sports and was in dance.

Before she came to Dr. Berg she tried to lose weight with less carbs and less calories.

She tried to cut fat and increase exercise at least 10 times a week and walking to all her classes on campus.

For her none of this was working.

After a while she would lose a little weight and could not concur the craving and would gain the weight back.

She would get over 9 hours of sleep but still would feel tired throughout the day.

After Dr. Berg’s Program

Now, she says she can go the entire day without wanting to take a nap.

She has plenty of energy and not doing as much exercise. She says she can get much more work done.

She started losing 4lbs in one week after taking Dr. Berg’s program.

The patient received acupressure to pull out stress out of her body, this helped her get sleep at night regularly.

Patient says that she is no longer craving foods between meals.

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