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How to STOP Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears) in 30 SECONDS with This Technique – Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg March 02, 2022


Learn how to stop tinnitus fast using this super simple technique!

0:00 Introduction: Stop tinnitus

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1:43 What is tinnitus?

3:00 How to stop tinnitus

6:19 Check out my video on benfotiamine!


Today, I’m going to share a technique that you can use to stop tinnitus. Dr. J. Strydom developed this technique, and I modified it. Many people have found a lot of relief from tinnitus using this unique technique.


Tinnitus is the perception of hearing a noise when there isn’t any noise. This can be a minor annoyance or a devastating problem.


Tinnitus isn’t a problem in the ear itself. It’s a problem within the nervous system that connects to the brain. This technique will help reset the nerve involved and turn off the noise.


Before you try this technique, rate your tinnitus from 0 (no problem) to 10 (a major problem). Then, try the technique and rate it again.


If this doesn’t work, your tinnitus may be caused by insulin resistance. In this case, taking benfotiamine may help.


More Tinnitus Video: ▶️ https://youtu.be/Cbylubjzhhg

DATA: The name of the person who developed this technique is Dr. Jan Strydom of A2Z of Health.

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