How to Read Your Body

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Reading your body is having a deep understanding of what’s going on inside you. The symptom does not equal to the problem. Things like lower back pain and the inability to perform rapid rhythmic movements are just plain descriptions of what the body is experiencing at the effect.

Conditions with unknown causes, or what they call as idiopathic diagnosis. don’t always mean nothing causes it. Don’t buy into the ‘You’re getting older,’ ‘It’s genetic’ or ‘It’s just the way things are.’ The underlying root cause always needs in-depth evaluation in order to be identified. Asking questions is asking what the body is trying to tell us.

The question asked over and over again is ‘When did it start?’ This question narrows down to something that occurred right before the problem started. Afterwards, the next question is the ‘What happened just before?’ That’ll give huge clues on what the real cause of the problem. In most cases, obvious answers emerge that will even make you ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think about that?’

For instance, a patient said she had angina and she went to the doctor for emergency care. She was given all these tests and they found nothing after $40,000 worth of tests. The first question asked was ‘When did it start?’ and she said it was last Tuesday. The follow-up question was ‘What happened just before that?’ She then goes ‘Ah, oh, that’s right. I went out to dinner. I ate banana split.’ When asked if she ever ate that and then she said never, it was found out that after eating banana split, her gallbladder gets plugged up, putting pressure on the heart. Only a little acupressure on the bile duct was done and the chest pain disappeared.

There’s one of four things that usually happens just right before the symptoms started. First, it could be something they ate that they shouldn’t have eaten. It could also be something they should’ve eaten but didn’t. The next is stress. It could as big as delivering a baby, carrying a baby for nine months, or it could be as trivial as quitting smoking. Nicotine relaxes the adrenal and without it, their stress level goes up, shocking the adrenal.

Environmental factors like exposure to pesticides, herbicides, radiation, and even to a toxic relationship count as a factor triggering the symptoms. Lastly, it could be because of the person’s sleeping habits. Pushing your body on three or four hours of sleep, you’re going to break down faster. Health problems arise aside from constantly feeling tired. Little attention is given to these things, but when you start asking yourself these questions, you’ll surely be lead to the answer.

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