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How to Measure Flight or Fight Stress

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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How to Measure Flight or Fight

When you go to the doctor and they do a blood test somethings don’t show up.

Early symptoms of a condition that may not show up because it might take a while to develop.

There is a test I do at my clinic that is very sensitive and it picks up the early stages of different situations.

It measures the autonomic nervous system which means non-voluntary automatic system that works on auto pilot like breathing and your heart rate.

It is a nervous system that regulates on and off functions or the turning up or down of different glands.

There are two divisions:

  • One is called the sympathetic. Another name for sympathetic is flight or fight which is your body’s ability to handle stress.
    The sympathetic nervous system runs on adrenaline that turns things on.

  • The off switch is the parasympathetic that has to do with rest, digestion, sleep.

When a person is in stress states they have problems such as:

  • Reproductive

  • Hormone

  • Digestive

  • Sleep 


The two divisions keep going back and forth.

When you are in a relax state, you are healing and that’s when your metabolism is working.

Sympathetic is your ability to handle stress and parasympathetic is your ability to recover from stress. 

This is what I measure with my equipment.

At our clinic we can visualize what is going on with stress in the body, see how it is affecting and responding.


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