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How to Do a Real Evaluation

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Real evaluation is basically taking all the information, digesting it, and analyzing it to come up with some type of outcome. There are reasons why something happens, and this is rarely done in medicine or even in alternative health care. What happens is that they’ll take the symptom and then give treatments, whether it’s by a pill, surgery, or even a vitamin.

For instance, you have low vitamin D level then they give you vitamin D. Why? What causes this deficiency? They don’t look at aligning this with the underlying cause of why this symptom came up in the first place. This vitamin deficiency is probably due to the lack of sun exposure. However, they can also be due to high cortisol. It could also be from a lack of digestive juices to absorb the fat fiber and vitamin D.

Let’s say you have fatigue. We can give you some stimulant. Maybe it’s out of a sleep problem, high blood pressure, calcium buildup in the arteries or it could be an adrenal issue. Sadly, medical practitioners only give the person treatment for the rest of their lives.

Symptoms are effects; they’re not the causes. In medicine, the symptoms are treated as if they’re actual diseases. That’s why people never get off the medication.

Take the case of a lady from Paris, France. All her information was considered, putting all of them in 'buckets' or categories or sections (e.g. adrenal symptoms, thyroid symptoms, menstrual cycle, pain, blood sugar, digestion, cognitive, circulation). With these, we’ll get to interpret what the body is telling us.

With all the information in her file, all lead to a liver damage. It appears that her liver doesn’t produce enough bile. Bile helps in the absorption of food, fat and fat-soluble vitamins. Her adrenal needs some support because of her high estrogen that affects the gallbladder. Changes in the diet are also recommended, making sure her breakfast is high in protein and fat.

Seeing the relationship between these symptoms is treating the problem as a whole; not as a separate condition. We don’t want to start loading up with a million pills to treat the symptoms.



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