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Fixing Lumbar Disc Pain

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023


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Your low back pain may actually be coming from an issue with a lumbar disc. Learn how to fix lumbar disc pain naturally.


0:00 Lumbar discs explained

2:18 Herniated disc

2:47 What causes lumbar disc pain?

5:33 Natural remedies for low back pain

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Let's talk about lumbar disc pain. In your discs that are in between your vertebrae, there are a few different parts. The center part is called the nucleus pulposus. Then, there are rings around the center called the annulus fibrosus. On the top and the bottom of the disc, you have vertebral endplates that connect the disc to the vertebra.

The center part of the disc is composed of 65% proteoglycans and 15% collagen. But, the outer part of the disk is composed of about 20% proteoglycans and 70% collagen. Proteoglycans are basically a mixture of protein and carbohydrate.

One big reason why the center part of the disk needs to be mainly carbohydrate is to retain fluid and remain gel-like.

The outer part of the discs is mostly protein because it doesn't need to have as much water. It just needs to be strong to protect the gel center. The outer rings are very strong. But, when you have a herniation, the gel center part starts to leak out and break through the next part of the disc. It's possible to have a small herniation within the disc that doesn't extend and touch the nerve root at all.

When the gel breaks through to the next layer, it can eventually degrade and become inflammatory and more acidic. This can lead to pain. But, the pain is occurring within the disc itself. Usually, it will heal, but sometimes it won't. I think most of these disc problems originate from a mechanical problem or initial injury and get worse from eating inflammatory foods.

People with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome are at risk for disc herniation. Also, chronic hyperglycemia is associated with an increased risk of disc herniation.

Potential remedies for lumbar disc pain:

1. Eliminate inflammatory foods (sugar, refined carbs, and omega-6 fatty acids like vegetable oil)

2. Do regular intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting

3. Consume omega-3 fatty acids

4. Take vitamin D3 (20,000 IUs) and magnesium


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