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Fake Wasabi vs. Real Wasabi

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 05/12/2021

Did you know most of the wasabi available is actually fake? Check this out!


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0:10 Fake wasabi vs. real wasabi

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Let’s talk about wasabi. True wasabi is very hard to grow and is very expensive. Most wasabi available is fake. 95% of the wasabi sold at sushi restaurants is made from other ingredients—not wasabi. They use either green food color or spinach juice to give it its green color. 

To get true wasabi, you would have to go to Japan or go to a very specialized restaurant that serves it. If you buy wasabi from the store, make sure you read the ingredients. 

At restaurants where wasabi is served, it’s served as a root, and they give you a grater so you can grate it at the table. The optimum time for flavor is about 1 minute. 

Wasabi has various phytonutrients that, when combined, either by grating, shredding, or crushing the plant, stimulate a very special phytonutrient. This phytonutrient is 3,000 times more concentrated in wasabi than cabbage and may have anti-cancer effects. 

Potential health benefits of wasabi:

• It may have anti-cancer effects

• It has potent antimicrobial properties 

• It can support the cardiovascular system

• It can support the respiratory system 

• It has anti-inflammatory effects 

• It’s a powerful antioxidant

 • It can help thin mucus 

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