Effects of Stress on the Brain

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Effects of Stress on the Brain

Your adrenal gland is the stress gland. You might have heard about the adrenals being involved with the  fight of flight mechanism. This is a stress state wherein your body becomes  active or set for fighting or fleeing.

You experience heightened awareness and all sorts of reactions to prepare your body for stress.

Increase no excitability. 

~ Ciba – pg. 84

What does that mean?

On the cognitive function, you are increasing your thinking a lot so that your thoughts are no longer linear but pop up in spurts. When this happens, your brain gets into excessive problem-solving mode.

You’re constantly solving problems – even non–existing ones because you’re preparing yourself just in case they might occur. The problem is, your brain won’t turn off from this mode even when you are sleeping or talking to someone.

As it progresses, you will find that your tolerance of stress is way down and people get on your nerves easily. You will find yourself easily annoyed when people display incompetence and slowness or when people make mistakes. You also get annoyed when things are out of order.

If you are stressed over a long period of time or when your stress worsens, you will start having memory problems.

There is a GPS in the brain that helps you navigate time and space. Your connection to that GPS becomes inhibited with adrenal stress.

You would have a hard time making sense of what you were talking about. You would also lose track of where you were going or have trouble remembering where you parked.

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