Dr Bergs Most Effective Remedies

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Dr Berg's Most Effective Remedies

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy body go hand and hand. This is not an impossible goal, but with so little information available to consumers about nutrition supplements and the benefits and value of live, raw foods, most of them get bypassed.

I’m going to let you know about what real nutrition is all about, where it comes from and how best to implement it in your diet.


Raw Wheatgrass Juice Powder

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the Raw Wheatgrass Juice Powder. This powder is not meant to cure symptoms, or illnesses, but is a supplement used to prevent sickness and make the body healthier and stronger.

Powdered juice is 20 times more potent than regular supplements because the body can absorb it 100%. Raw Wheatgrass Juice speeds the healing process in the body and contains all the nutrients you need for speedy recovery.

This plant contains:

  • Vitamin B12

  • Chlorophyll

  • High in protein

Chlorophyll is the life blood of plants. This element is what gives the juice of the plant its full health quality. It is like liquid sunshine for the plant and for your body!

Trace minerals

Trace minerals are essential in maintaining proper health, and as small as they are, they are equally difficult to obtain.

It would take 27 000 calories a day to support the body with the full amount of trace minerals needed to supplement it. Not only that, but trace minerals as complete supplements are only available in Africa – until now!

There are 97 trace minerals necessary for the body’s health. Trace minerals are vital in several ways:

  • They prevent cavities.

  • They improve body tissues.

  • They are good for the heart, joints, brain, and liver

  • They are important to the DNA levels.


Organic VS. Inorganic Minerals

One of the biggest questions when it comes to minerals is organic vs. inorganic.

What's the difference, and which type is best for you?

Organic minerals are those that are bound to organic matter, such as plants or animals. In contrast, inorganic minerals are not bound to organic matter and are often found in rocks or soil.

So, which type of mineral is best for you? The answer may depend on your individual needs. Some people prefer organic minerals because they are more easily absorbed by the body. Others prefer inorganic minerals because they tend to be more concentrated but it is more difficult for our bodies to digest and absorb inorganic minerals.

Cruciferous Concentrate

Nothing cures liver damage better than Organic Cruciferous Foods! The Cruciferous Concentrate Pill is the anti-stress pill and is a master detoxifier as it supports the enzyme system. The required amount to be taken is six tablets a day.

These are best taken before bedtime because this is when it is the most effective – while you sleep. This supplement builds endurance, is high in vitamin C, and is an anti-aging agent.

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