7 Unexpected Amazing Benefits of Zinc That You've Rarely Heard About

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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Stabilizing insulin is just one of the amazing benefits of zinc—you won’t believe the others!

0:00 Introduction: Zinc benefits

0:50 #1 Maintaining testosterone

1:29 #2 Stabilizing insulin

4:39 #3 Muscle repair

6:50 #4 Decreasing the risk of thymus atrophy

7:30 #5 Better night vision

7:55 #6 Decreasing dry flaky skin

8:07 #7 Decreasing intestinal inflammation

8:38 Zinc deficiency causes

9:22 Check out my video on the best test for a zinc deficiency!

Let’s talk about the unexpected and amazing benefits of zinc.

Including more zinc in your diet could result in major improvements in your health. Zinc is involved in more enzyme systems than all of the other trace minerals combined.

Over two billion people have a zinc deficiency. There is no functional storage for zinc in the body. So, as soon as you stop getting zinc from your diet, you could be deficient in zinc.

Amazing benefits of zinc:

1. Zinc helps maintain testosterone levels

2. Zinc helps stabilize insulin and lower blood sugar levels

3. Zinc supports muscle repair and regeneration

4. Zinc decreases your risk of thymus atrophy

5. Zinc supports better night vision

6. Zinc decreases your risk of dry flaky skin

7. Zinc decreases your risk of intestinal inflammation

Top causes of a zinc deficiency:

• Birth control pills

• Refined carbs or sugar

• Phytic acid in grains

• Stress (high cortisol)

• Prednisone

• Low hydrochloric acid

• Alcohol







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