Dr. Berg: The Benefits of Healthy Keto (Part 2)

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

In part 2 of this talk, we’re going to continue our conversation about the benefits of Healthy Keto and the important nutrients that can help you live longer!


0:00 The Benefits of Healthy Keto Part 2: Introduction

1:45 Recapping part 1

2:08 Vitamin D

5:08 What we can learn from the Spanish flu

10:35 Polymorphism

11:32 Zinc

15:47 DHA

17:07 Magnesium

18:38 Folate

19:32 Selenium

21:08 Iodine

22:20 Vitamin B12

23:10 Consume more of these foods on Healthy Keto

25:13 Phytonutrients

25:55 Hormesis

28:03 Stomach acid

Today, we’re going into part 2 where we talk about how the nutrients you consume while on Healthy Keto can provide you with so many exciting benefits, including a big one: living longer!

We’re going to continue our conversation about the relationship between nutrients and protecting your genes and DNA, which relates to anti-aging and living longer.

I’m going to break down the most important nutrients for your health. I’m also going to talk about some of the key foods to add to your Healthy Keto diet to help boost your health and help you live longer!


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