Dr Berg Talks about Body Types on News 9

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

Dr. Berg Talks About Body Types on News 9

“We diet and work out but still the weight doesn’t go off. To lose weight you need to know your body type. Dr. Berg believes that body type will predispose someone to certain health problems and causes people to gain weight and different ways. His program focuses on getting you healthy. He uses advanced acupressure for what ails you.”  News 9


“Myrtle, suffers from shoulder pain and leg weakness.” News 9


“I use to carry things with one arm and use my other arm to try to pull myself up the stairs. Now, I can run up the stairs.” Myrtle says.


“That was 45 pounds ago. Once she concurred her ailments, Dr. Berg started to handle her specialized eating plan for her body type.” News 9


“This is not a magic fix. This is something you have to corporate in your life long-term.” Myrtle says.

The Four Body Types

You can learn what body type you are by taking this body type quiz which will help you better understand the nutritional requirements of each body type.

They are four body types are:

  • Thyroid

  • Liver

  • Ovary

  • Adrenal

The first body type I will start with is the thyroid body type which is weight all over, hair loss, loose skin and outside eyebrows falling out, dry skin, thinning of the hair, and craving alcohol, bread, pancakes, waffles, and crackers.

They have very little nutrition and will crave carbs. However, nutrients fix the craving, not the carbs. They feel sluggish, they have cold feet, they are tired no matter how much sleep they get, and they may feel a little apathetic or depressed.

This body type can’t absorb vitamins, so they will take all these supplements but don’t really see anything different in their overall health.

The adrenal body type which is the most common has a sagging belly and might have a buffalo hump and a round face.

They think they need to do more sit-ups, but a million sit-ups won’t get rid of the belly because it is a hormone that is causing it called cortisol. What is happening, that cortisol (a destructive hormone) is eating up the protein in the leg and the butt and putting it in the stomach as fat.

This body type should not be exercising because they are in stress mode.

The adrenal is a stress gland that is on top of the kidneys and pumps out cortisol. The adrenal body type will crave chocolate, salt, and crunchy cheesy things.

They will have sinus problems, and allergies and they can’t absorb calcium so they get tight calves and tight shoulders.

Where does that calcium go?

The calcium goes on top of the knees as arthritis or fibromyalgia which is pain all over. They have old injuries that are stiff, their flexibility goes down and posture will go down.

Then there is the ovary body type. The weight is in a pouch below the belly button and a saddle bag which means weight in the hips and thighs.

This body type will have ovarian issues, menstrual problems, and hot flashes. They will crave creamy things like milk products such as ice cream, cream cheese and yogurt because their body needs calcium.

Lastly, we have the liver body type. They will have a pot belly or beer belly. Beer destroys the liver.

The liver is leaking into the belly. It usually will also look like a protruding belly and they will have right shoulder pain.

They will get grouchy in the morning and will get up an hour before the alarm clock goes off. They cannot feel refreshed. They will also have skin issues like itchy skin and digestive problems like bloating.

They crave fried foods of any kind. They should not be on protein diets. Sometimes their backs are really stiff and will have a yellowish color in the corner of their eye. They most likely will have bad breath.

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