How To Stop Snacking Out Of Boredom

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Learn how to stop snacking out of boredom with these simple tips I am going to share with you in this article.

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In this article:

  1. Snacking Out of Boredom Breaks Your Keto Diet
  2. People Who Are Always at Home Tend to Have Problems with Frequent Eating
  3. How to Stop Snacking When You Are Not Doing Something

How to Stop Snacking When You Get Bored

Snacking Out of Boredom Breaks Your Keto Diet 

I have a question for you: Do you snack out of boredom? If the answer is yes, then you need to hear me out. Snacking out of boredom is the ultimate killer in your weight loss journey because it's going to completely block your keto plan. 

People Who Are Always at Home Tend to Have Problems with Frequent Eating

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For those who are working at home, I think one of the problems those keto dieters today is easy food access in the fridge and snack foods. They can quickly consume anything they can grab in the pantry. Retirees, for example, are one of the best examples, and they have more time in their hands because they don't have as much to do. They end up getting into trouble with mindless eating. 

People who stay up late are also more prone to mindless late night snacking. Since these people are awake longer than they should be, this can trigger the body to have unhealthy cravings or sudden hunger pangs, which both lead to snacking mindlessly.

How to Stop Snacking When You Are Not Doing Something 

1. Get Rid of Junk Foods

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Learning how to stop snacking out of boredom starts with getting rid of all the junk food at home. Junk foods are never healthy because they are highly-processed, have high calories, and can negatively affect your weight loss journey. Candy bars, potato chips, and other types of unhealthy foods like ice cream, should be eliminated. If your family consumes these types of foods and they are not on the ketogenic diet, have them take the foods out of the house or hide them from you so you don't find them at home.

2. Don’t Give In to Mindless Snacking

You must realize that as soon as you give into snacking, it's over for your keto diet because you get hungry an hour later. Unhealthy snacking increases Fat Storing Hormone, which causes blood sugar to drop. This effect makes you hungry. 

3. Ask Yourself If You Are Hungry or Not 

When snacking tempts you, ask yourself first if you really are hungry or not. Chances are, you may not be hungry at all. You are only eating for the sake of eating. Just be aware of that. If you are not hungry at all, then don't eat. 

People often confuse the feeling of hunger with being thirsty. Perhaps it’s not the food they need; what they need is to drink more water. This is why it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day so you don’t mistake thirst for hunger.

4. Track Your Time on Things You Need to Do in a Day 

This is a good exercise. If you were to track what you do on a given day and find you have a lot of time doing unproductive things, it's going to be a wakeup call. What I like to do in the morning is I use my notebook to write the things I will do and plan my entire day. I rarely get through all the things I want to do, though, but tracking what I should do each day keeps me very productive and focused on the priorities of my life.

You can try this strategy, too, and see for yourself. Try to list the most productive things you can do on a day. This helps keep you out of trouble with having idle time. 

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5. Increase B Vitamin Intake

Dr. Berg's Nutritional Yeast with B12 | How To Stop Snacking Out Of Boredom | late night snacking

Increase your B vitamins from nutritional yeast. Low levels of these raise the temptation to eat and stress levels because your cortisol goes up. Your blood sugar starts to get affected by that, which prevents you from losing weight. B vitamins are also essential for the following body functions:

  • Cell metabolism 
  • Brain function 
  • Good digestion 
  • Healthy appetite 
  • Proper nerve function 
  • Production of cholesterol and hormones
  • Energy levels 

6. Load Your Evening Meal with Healthy Fat and Green Vegetables

If you are a late-night grazer and you are tempted to eat something when you watch TV, make sure you load your last daily meal with enough healthy fat and lots of nutritious greens. This helps you stay full longer because they contain nutrients like grams of protein, so you have no desire to eat, or your sugar cravings go away after dinner. You can try these foods high in healthy fat to avoid nighttime snacking:

  • Coconuts and coconut oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Chia seeds
  • Nuts
  • Fatty fish
  • Whole eggs
  • Avocados

7. Do Other Things to Divert Your Attention from Snacking

Knowing how to stop snacking also includes finding something to keep you occupied and make it a habit. Anything to keep you busy, from taking a walk outside to doing household chores, can help take your mind off of eating. If you simply want to relax after lunch and dinner, sit on your bed, read a novel, watch videos or TV, or do a hobby. You only need a "healthy" distraction to avoid thinking about food.   

8. Know Why You Get Bored

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One important thing about knowing how to stop snacking is to learn why you get bored in the first place. There are many reasons for that. If it's your rest day and you don't have something to do, go out with your friends and have fun, or you can clean the house so you become more productive (cleaning the house can help you burn calories, too). The possibilities are endless to become healthier.

9. Know How to Identify Boredom from Stress

It may be possible that you confuse boredom with stress, which can lead to a disconnection from your environment. When you are feeling disconnected from your surroundings, you tend to feel exhausted, lose your purpose in life, or simply get bored. If this is the case, know where your stress comes from and what triggers it. You need to deal with your triggers if you don't want it to hinder your weight loss or life goals.  

Knowing how to stop snacking out of boredom involves self-discipline, proper nutritional intake, and switching to a healthy lifestyle. If you are also doing intermittent fasting, snacking is the first thing you should avoid. But if snacking between meals can’t be avoided right now, especially if you are just a beginner in the keto diet, go for keto-friendly snacks to keep you on the right track with your eating plan.

What other ways to stop snacking out of boredom can you add to the list above? Share them in the comments section below!

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