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Dead Sea Salt vs. Sea Salt

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

What is the difference between Dead Sea salt and normal sea salt? Watch this quick video to find out!


0:00 Introduction: Dead Sea salt vs. sea salt

0:10 What is Dead Sea salt?

1:12 The benefits of Dead Sea salt

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In this video, we’re going to talk about the difference between Dead Sea salt and sea salt.

Is Dead Sea salt different from regular sea salt? Absolutely.

Dead Sea salt is from the Dead Sea, which borders Jordan, Israel, and Westbank.

Salt from the Dead Sea is 10X saltier, but it contains less sodium.

See how dead sea salt compares to other forms of salt:

• Sea salt - 90% sodium

• Table salt - 98% sodium

• Dead Sea salt - 8% sodium

60% of Dead Sea salt is made up of magnesium and potassium. This means that it’s not meant for consumption. You should only use it topically—meaning on the surface of your skin.

If you’re going to use sea salt in your bathtub, you want to use only one-half cup because it’s very concentrated.

The therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea salt are:

• Decreases skin breakouts

• Increases skin hydration

• Decreases signs of aging

• Decreases rheumatoid arthritis pain

• Supports the health process

• Decreases knee arthritis symptoms

• Decreases fibromyalgia symptoms











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