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Calcium Deficiency vs. Vitamin D Deficiency

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/28/2021

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How can you tell the difference between a calcium deficiency vs. a vitamin D deficiency? Watch this!


0:00 Calcium deficiency vs. a vitamin D deficiency

0:15 Calcium deficiency symptoms and vitamin D deficiency symptoms

3:00 Calcium and magnesium

3:23 Calcium and pH

3:35 Calcium and vitamin K2

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Let's talk about how to spot the differences between a calcium deficiency and a vitamin D deficiency. Some of the symptoms of a calcium deficiency and a vitamin D deficiency are very similar. This could be because a calcium deficiency could be caused by not having enough vitamin D.

Symptoms of a calcium deficiency:

• Numbness or tingling in the lips, mouth, fingers, or toes

• Muscle spasms or aches

• Confusion

• Spasm in the throat

• Stiffness

• Tetany

• Red spots

A few things to keep in mind regarding a calcium deficiency:

• Are you consuming dairy? We get a lot of calcium from dairy

• Dark leafy green greens contain calcium

• Trout is high in calcium

• Clams are high in calcium

• Calcium channel blockers can potentially cause a calcium deficiency

• Calcium is influenced by magnesium (too much or too little magnesium could lead to a calcium deficiency)

• If you're too alkaline, you're not going to be able to absorb calcium

• If you're low in vitamin K2, calcium can't be transported out of the joints or the blood

Symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency:

• Depression

• High blood pressure

• Insomnia

• Muscle aches (lower back pain)

• Bone pain

• Lowered immune system

• Inflammation

A few things to keep in mind regarding a vitamin D deficiency:

• Are you getting enough sun?

• Fatty fish contains vitamin D

• Being overweight, age, and darker skin are all risk factors for a vitamin D deficiency

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