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Butt Turning Into Belly Fat


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Smaller bottoms and bigger bellies during menopause? Blame it on the incapability of absorbing enough proteins during this crucial stage in women’s menstrual cycle.

During this phase, the adrenal glands produce hormones that the ovaries originally create. Excessive adrenal hormones destroy the proteins, leading to atrophy of the two main muscle groups: the gluteus maximus (bottom) and the quadriceps (thighs).

Women start to lose their curves during or after menopause because of these changes in the body. That’s also why the midsection of a woman’s body expands since the muscle proteins get converted to sugar and then fat.

The butt and thighs will then get flabby and weak, and taking in more protein will not work. A change in your diet, taking the right nutrition, exercising, and sleeping will aid your adrenal glands to normalize.


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