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Body Shape Seminar Part 3

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Body Shape Type Seminar Part 3

Cruciferous helps to balance estrogen and can protect against cancer, too.

The liver body type. They will have:

  • A pot belly or beer belly. Beer destroys the liver because it makes the liver is leak into the belly.

  • Will have a protruding belly and right shoulder pain.

  • They will get grouchy in the morning and will get up an hour before the alarm clock goes off. They cannot feel refreshed.

  • They will also have skin issues like itchiness and digestive problems like bloating.

  • They crave fried foods of any kind. They should not be on protein diets.

  • Sometimes their backs are real stiff and will have a yellowish color in the corner of their eye.

  • They most likely will have bad breath.

I had a woman that was 360lbs and she did exactly what I told her to do for one month but did not lose any weight. The 2nd month she lost 21lbs and the 3rd month she lost a total of 63lbs.

So, what I found is that a person will lose weight based upon how fast they get healthy. Obesity is a symptom of an unhealthy body.

Techniques Used in Dr. Berg’s Office

I created an eating plan that is tailored made to your body, will put the nutrition back in which is missing and will get rid of cravings.

The second thing we do is an evaluation to measure your reaction to stress and recovery from stress to find out if you should be exercising.

Then we also do an acupressure technique to get rid of the stress. This technique extracts the stress and gets people to sleep a lot deeper.

Last, we find out what exercise you should be doing for your body type so that you recover and you are actually burning fat.

The philosophy is get healthy, lose weight and keep it off.

Sustained Stress

If you have sustained stress where you are constantly stressed out I have an acupressure point that relieves this.

When you get hit by stress, there is a circuit that goes up to the brain then comes down to the adrenal where in a period of time gets stuck in a position of on.

The problem is when it gets to point in the brain, called the hippocampus, which shrinks with sustain stress and if it gets too small you’ll get Alzheimer’s.

The acupressure helps release the sustained stress. The results are patients being calm, relaxed and feeling like something just finally got turned off.

Understand body shape and learn more about your body type by taking the body type quiz.

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