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Body Shape Seminar Part 1

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

There are people that exercise seven hours a day, every day; 2 hours a day, seven days a week and lose absolutely zero weight. Some people do that and it’s probably someone in the room today.

So the whole philosophy of losing weight with exercise may or may not be true. Today we’re going to get in behind the scenes. Also how do you explain the variables? You’ve ever seen the skinny guy or heard that when you eat less you lose weight? Less calories, right? Yes. In fact, we take a very thick book; it’s a medical book. It says the cause of obesity is consuming more calories than are burned. You ever hear that?

How do you explain the skinny guy who can eat anything he wants and he never gains weight? The metabolism. Your metabolism is controlled by hormones. That’s what I want to get into—hormones. However I had a lady that came to my seminar. She says, “I have all my hormones removed.” You have six hundred hormones in your body. Six hundred. And you’re going to take notes on all of them. But really, you have six fat burning hormones and three fat making hormones.

But just to clear it up, really simple, let’s talk about what a hormone is. I need a volunteer. Okay you’re going to be the thyroid. And you will be the cell. Okay, good. Thyroid, say hello to the cell. Very well done. So the communications are sent and they get received and it gets sent back up here. So hormones always travel in a two-way flow.

So when you send it up, it listens to you. How many of you find that in life, you need someone to listen to you when you talk to them? Have you ever talked to someone and they didn’t listen to you? Yeah. It’s genetic in men. So when this gets blocked you have all sorts of issues that occur specifically excessive potential energy. What’s another name for potential energy?

I’m sure you’ve seen my video probably ten times already.  Fat, very good. So now you can say, I’m not fat, I just have a lot of excessive potential energy, it just sounds a lot better. You’re not really fat; you have PE—potential energy.

So to get this out, you have to understand about how hormones work and the release of how energy is transmitted out. So this whole philosophy of cutting the calorie and then waiting for it be burned off—actually exercise for example does not melt fat off. In fact, exercise does no good to your body what so ever unless you can recover from it, which we’re going to get into.

Exercise in itself is stress. It’s a controlled injury. It’s all about if you can recover from that. But let’s just first talk about the thyroid body type. And that would be the shape, right here. If you are interested in learning more about what body type you are take this body type quiz. Have you ever seen somebody with that shape before? Maybe a sister, mother, cousin?

Okay, that would be thyroid. It’s weight gain all over and not in any one location. The first problem with the thyroid would be the person gets depression. So, look at me very depressed. You’re smiling… Okay—depression, feeling low, down, apathetic, that would be a thyroid problem. So hormones can actually put you in a lower state. Also loss of hair.

Anyone know of anyone with hair loss?

Okay, could be thyroid, could be other things. Loss of eyebrows on the outside here first. Loss of collagen in your skin, specifically underneath here and right here. You ever meet anyone like that? Like a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker? Also, the nail. Vertical ridges on your nail; up and down ridges. Those are really good ridges. Let me call 911—no.

You can tell a lot about a person by their nail. If the ridges go horizontal, that would be a different problem. Up and down—thyroid. Horizontal—more immune system issues. If you have that little white speck, that is a zinc deficiency, but it’s not really a zinc deficiency, it’s a time where you ate some carbohydrate and it pulled the zinc out. So if it’s right in the center, we know that about three months ago you had a birthday party and you ate the whole cake. Because carbohydrate pulls the whole zinc out. It’s interesting, vitamins—I know some of you take vitamins and you don’t really feel any change with them. With thyroid, you won’t feel any change with vitamins. What’s the first vitamin you ever discovered? A. You already know that answer…But yes, A! What’s the second vitamin ever discovered—B! *laughter. And the third? C. And the Fourth? D. And the fifth? E.

Okay, very good! So we have the inability to absorb vitamins. One of the sign for the deficiency of vitamin A would be those little bumps on the legs or the back of the arm right here and that’s a vitamin A deficiency. And you might say, well I’m eating carrots, right? I’m getting enough. Well the problem is, vitamin A doesn’t get absorbed unless the hormones are working and there are other factors too, like you might need Omega-3 or flax oil to absorb vitamin A, so it could be a couple of things. So, thyroid, you won’t be able to absorb vitamins, and you’re taking all these things—very expensive urine, it goes right through you. Thyroid case tends to crave sweets, carbohydrates and starches. They like sourdough bread out of the oven for some reason, they like the texture and the flavor and the smell. You like that? Okay, so they like carbohydrates. I have people that come in, and they’re 90 and they look very vibrant and healthy and they look very slim, so don’t go in agreement with the whole age thing.

It’s overrated. I have people in their 30’s that look pretty old. You ever been to your high school reunion? You ever see someone where they look like the teacher, and you’re like, “You were my classmate…”?

That’s the just the hormones going down too fast. So that would be thyroid body type, okay? Got that? So, next one is extremely interesting; very common. It’s a problem with the adrenal gland. Adrenal. Adrenal means “add on top of kidneys” so the adrenals are right there. Deep down inside here. Thyroid’s right here.  

Adrenals are down here. You have two of them. They are the stress gland on the body. Now, how many of you have experienced stress before? You’ve got, one, two, three, four, five. Give me an example of what stresses you out. Kids! Family! Yes. Presentations! Who here have a fear of public speaking? Okay good, come up here right now. No, I’m just kidding… Emergencies. Police; cops coming up behind you. There’s a flashing light. Yes. By the way, I’m actually posting the next video about how to get out of a speeding ticket... Not that I’m recommending that! Or giving you legal counsel!

But anyway. What else stresses you out? Family, yes. Male nutrition. Yes. Men. Bills. You don’t like bills? Women! What else stresses people out nowadays?

Work. Vacation. Yeah, vacation is stressful! You’re sitting out there doing nothing? Yeah, wall street—economy right? Here’s what you do about the economy—if anyone asks you about the economy, here’s what you say—you say, “I’m not participating.”

That’s what you say. Basically you have all the stress; physical stress, infection, mental stress, it all reacts the same on the adrenals. The adrenals don’t know the different between getting hit by a car passing the street and the loss of a loved one. It’s the same reaction to the adrenals.

So, the adrenals react to stress, so basically the adrenals cope with all stresses.

As your adrenals go downhill, your tolerance for crazy people—I mean stress goes down. Little things bug you. You’re irritable. People get on your nerves. How many kinds of people are getting on your nerves recently? Okay.

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