Blood Sugar Levels High Despite Keto and Fasting

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/20/2024

High blood sugar is a common health concern, and many people facing it decide to adopt the keto diet to get their blood sugar levels under control. However, people can be befuddled when they see that blood sugar levels are still high, even after the keto diet.

Learn about blood sugar levels, how the keto diet affects them, and why levels may still spike in ketosis.

Unraveling the Mystery of Morning High Blood Sugar

You might think that slashing carbs and fasting would keep your morning sugar levels in check, but sometimes, your blood sugar is high anyway.

High morning blood sugar can be a stubborn issue even if you're diligent about your keto diet and intermittent fasting schedule. This paradox is often due to severe insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance leads to cells not allowing glucose in, leaving it in the bloodstream and causing high blood sugar levels.

A study highlights how people sticking strictly to their low-carb plans may still wake up with surprising glucose readings because their body's response mechanism isn't cooperating as expected.

It turns out that reducing carb intake doesn’t always lead directly to lower sugar levels – especially if you've got persistent insulin resistance complicating matters.

To better manage these unexpected spikes, we need more than dietary control; understanding and tackling insulin resistance is important here.

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The Insulin Resistance Conundrum on Keto and Fasting

Sometimes, your body doesn't produce enough insulin. When your pancreas' beta cells are out of shape, they can’t keep up with the demand for insulin.

This shortage means that even though you're cutting carbs, your body can’t correctly use the little glucose you have floating around.

To give those beta cells some backup, berberine shows promise to help regulate sugar spikes.

Supporting Pancreatic Health for Better Blood Sugar Control

Better blood sugar control starts with a healthy pancreas, specifically its beta cells. These tiny powerhouses release insulin to help keep your glucose levels in check. So when they're happy, you're more likely to enjoy balanced blood sugar.

Berberine's Blood Sugar Balancing Act

Suppose youyou still see high blood sugar levels in the morning despite a faithful keto lifestyle and fasting schedule. In that case, berberine might be the sidekick you need.

This potent compound has been shown to work wonders for those stubborn glucose readings that don't seem to budge—acting much like metformin but without needing a prescription pad.

Remember, though, while berberine may hold the key to better mornings free from unexpected glucose spikes, it's just one piece of the puzzle.

Regarding pancreatic support, boosting beta cell function can be as important as cutting carbs to keep sugars low.

A holistic approach, including diet modifications and regular exercise, should always be part of your game plan against high blood sugar levels.

Natural Supplements to Combat High Blood Sugar

Struggling with high blood sugar can feel like a never-ending battle, especially when you're doing everything 'by the book' on keto and intermittent fasting. Sometimes, your body needs a little backup from nature's pharmacy.

Beef Pancreas Extract for Pancreatic Support

The pancreas doesn't always get the spotlight it deserves in our body's sugar drama. Beef pancreas extract steps onto this stage by providing essential nutrients that may help nourish your pancreatic health.

Ancestral supplements have made this old-school remedy new again, offering hope for those dealing with autoimmune conditions affecting the pancreas.

But don't just take my word for it; consider how these extracts are packed with natural enzymes and nutrients directly supporting pancreatic function—think of it as giving your pancreas a helping hand so it can keep up its end of the bargain in managing blood sugars.

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Milk Thistle's Role in Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Milk thistle can help by targeting liver cells where insulin resistance often sets up camp.

By aiding liver cell repair and protection, milk thistle might be able to nudge insulin sensitivity back into balance.

Finding that sweet spot where your morning glucose levels behave isn't always straightforward, but introducing some plant-based allies could turn things around without adding more pills from big pharma into the mix.

Exercise as a Tool for Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

If you're struggling with high blood sugar in the morning, even after following a keto and fasting regimen diligently, it's time to focus on incorporating exercise into your routine.

Studies suggest that engaging in physical activity, especially in the morning, can help burn through excess sugar more efficiently.

So, why is exercise so effective? When we exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, also known as fasted cardio, we directly tap into our sugar reserves.

This means that any lingering excess glucose, which can cause blood sugar spikes, gets utilized for energy before it can affect our blood sugar levels.

Balancing Blood Sugar on Keto and Fasting

In the pursuit of managing high blood sugar levels despite adhering to keto and fasting protocols, it's crucial to understand the role of supplements like krill oil.

While there's no one-size-fits-all dosage, typical recommendations suggest around 1-3 grams of krill oil daily for general health maintenance. However, individual needs may vary based on health status, diet, and lifestyle.

Consulting with a healthcare provider can provide personalized guidance on how much krill oil per day is appropriate for optimal blood sugar management.


Managing high blood sugar levels, even while following a keto diet and intermittent fasting regimen, can be challenging due to underlying insulin resistance.

Despite reducing carbohydrate intake, morning glucose spikes may persist, indicating the need to address insulin sensitivity. Natural supplements like berberine and milk thistle show promise in supporting pancreatic health and improving insulin response.

Additionally, incorporating exercise and dietary modifications remain crucial strategies in achieving stable blood sugar levels.

For personalized advice on managing blood sugar effectively, consulting with a healthcare provider is recommended to explore tailored approaches and supplement usage.

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