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Avoid These 7 Foods that Can Kill You

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

You need to know about these dangerous foods that can kill you.

0:00 Introduction: Foods to avoid

0:10 #1 Green potatoes

1:30 #2 Nutmeg

2:15 #3 Green raw almonds and cashews

3:35 #4 Undercooked red kidney beans

4:50 #5 Brown rice

7:13 #6 Uncooked bloody hamburger

8:20 #7 Cherry pits

9:40 Check out my video on the healthiest foods to eat!

Today, I'm going to cover seven foods that could actually kill you. Stay safe and better your health by avoiding these foods. Keep in mind that you won't be eating some of these foods anyway if you're on the ketogenic diet. Just one more reason why getting on the Healthy Keto diet is a great idea!

7 foods that can kill you:

1. Green potatoes Don’t consume potatoes. If you do, cut off the green parts.

2. Nutmeg If you use nutmeg, use it sparingly.

3. Green raw almonds and raw cashews Instead of buying bitter almonds, buy sweet almonds or roasted almonds.

4. Undercooked red kidney beans Soak them for at least 5 hours, then boil them. Don’t slow cook them.

5. Brown rice Don’t consume brown rice at all.

6. Uncooked bloody hamburger Make sure you consume high-quality beef. Also, make sure it’s cooked to the point where there is no potential for E.coli.

7. Cherry pits Don’t eat cherries. If you do, try your best not to accidentally swallow a cherry pit.








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