American Wheat vs. European Wheat Products

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Many people don't experience bloating, digestive issues, or even weight gain when consuming European wheat vs. American wheat. Find out why. 


0:00 Introduction: American wheat vs. European wheat

0:38 How are American wheat and European wheat different? 

2:40 Share your success story! 

I don't recommend consuming wheat. But, let's talk about the important differences between consuming wheat from America vs. wheat from Europe. 

When people consume wheat products in America, they often experience bloating, acne, inflammation, and lethargy. But you don't see much of that from European wheat products. Why? 

American wheat:

• 60% of the wheat is red wheat (it's soft, fluffy, has a longer shelf life, and is higher in carbohydrates and protein) 

• It has more gluten (gluten causes a lot of problems in the gut) 

• Glyphosate is used (it affects the human microbiome) 

• Refined grain products are fortified with synthetic vitamins and iron (the type of iron used sits in the gut and can generate pathogenic bacteria) 

European wheat:

• It is mostly white wheat

• It has less gluten

• GMO foods and glyphosate are banned in many European countries 

• European countries like France, Denmark, and Sweden don't fortify their grain products 

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