All to Know About Different Body Types

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

It is always a great idea to know your body type before you even start any kind of dieting program that you may consider the best option to help you lose weight in the simplest manner.

Our body types vary and each and every person falls into a certain type. Dr. Eric Berg, a renowned nutritional researcher, and weight loss expert advises his patients to be dedicated and reconsider every piece of advice that they may get concerning weight loss. He emphasizes that every piece of advice that one gets should be based on his or her knowledge of metabolism, genetic makeup, and even of his or her own constitution. Hence, knowing that there are various body types is the first step to following a revolutionary diet program.

According to Dr. Eric Berg, metabolic body types will fall into three main categories that can be classified as mesomorph, endomorph, and ectomorph. There are also hormonal body types.

If you are interested in learning more about your hormonal body type you can find your body type here.

The mesomorph body type is the type associated with those who have a naturally muscular and lean body. People with this body type have broad shoulders, lose weight easily, and have an efficient and fast fat-burning metabolism.

Endomorph is the body type that stores fat easily. And so, it is not easy for a person with such a body shape to lose fat easily as he or she has a sluggish metabolism. Whereas, the ectomorph body type is associated with those who have a fast metabolism, are naturally thin, and find it hard to gain weight although they eat all kinds of unhealthy foods.

Nevertheless, if you want to know your body type, it is very easy. You need to look at the mirror and determine where the weight on your body is.

From the three categories of body types that Dr. Eric Berg classifies, you can easily identify yours.  You will know whether you have a muscular body, have more weight on hips and thighs, or you are naturally thin and lean. Lastly, you can also use a tape measure and get the scale of your chest, hips, and waist as each of the three body types aforementioned have different measurements.

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