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Blog >> A Ketogenic Diet Can Cause A Fatty Liver

A Ketogenic Diet Can Cause A Fatty Liver

Our Educational Content is Not Meant or Intended for Medical Advice or Treatment

Learn why the ketogenic diet is one of the causes of fatty liver disease and how you can prevent liver fat build-up in this short article. 

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Keto Diet as One of the Causes of Fatty Liver Disease

What Causes a Fatty Liver?

Female hand rejecting glass with alcoholic beverage on blurred background | A Ketogenic Diet Can Cause a Fatty Liver

Alcohol consumption and consuming a lot of refined carbs and sugar are some of the causes of fatty liver disease. But, did you know that going on the ketogenic diet will also trigger symptoms of a fatty liver? 


According to the Textbook Of Medical Physiology under the section Effect of Insulin Lack on Causing a Fatty Liver, "Strange as it may seem, though insulin lack causes dissolution of the fat stores in adipose tissue, it causes a great increase in the amount of stored triglycerides in the liver, leading to a very fatty liver."

Triglycerides Definition: A type of fat in the blood that the cells store for later use of energy.

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Add More Veggies to Your Diet to Keep Your Liver “Clean”

Close-up portrait of a man eating salad with tomatoes | A Ketogenic Diet Can Cause a Fatty Liver

I never, in my videos, recommend just a straight ketogenic diet for weight loss. I always recommend adding a bunch of veggies to the ketogenic diet because they are low in carbs. 

The high-fat diet does not specifically tell you what carbs you can consume. A piece of bread, for example, can be 20g of carbs. It also doesn't talk about the vegetable content.

What you want to do is beef up your vegetables, at least 7 cups of veggies a day to keep your liver "clean”. So, we are not going to calculate veggies into the carb requirement, just unlimited vegetables, to prevent liver failure or any diagnosis of a fatty liver. Pairing up keto with a plant-based diet is not a treatment for a fatty liver or abnormal liver, just prevention from having one.


Although the keto diet may be one of the causes of fatty liver disease, following the meal plan is not a problem. You only need to increase your vegetable intake to healthily cleanse your liver of any fat build-up. This will lower the risk of liver damage and disease. 

How many vegetables are you consuming each day? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Disclaimer: Our educational content is not meant or intended for medical advice or treatment.

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