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A Great Tool for Stress Relief

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

A Great Tool for Stress Relief

There is a technology that is called synchronizing breathing. It’s a technology of getting your breath and holding it in at a certain rate and letting it out at a certain rate.

This is backed up by hardcore science that really works.

All you are doing is getting your breath down to a certain frequency to extract stress from your body and dissolve all the stress that is built up.

Every night you are going to play this software, you going to breathe with it and it is going to help retrain your nervous system and in your body to be calm.

You will have deeper sleep and you will wake up feeling refresh.

Tips on The Synchronizing Breathing Technique

The breath is in with 5 seconds pause and 5 seconds out with one pause.

When you put in the software in your computer or download it, you will see this leaf that will open up and then close – this will symbolic of your lungs.

You don’t want to use force. When you are breathing in you want to use your stomach not your chest.

When you are stress your exhalation becomes shorter than your inhalation and you’re not allowing all the CO2 or carbon dioxide to come out of your blood.

So, you actually starve your body of oxygen. When you breathe in you are adding a little stress into your body.

When you breathe out you release the stress in your body.

Walking is also very good for stress. When you exercise you are putting stress on your body but you are also getting oxygen with it.

When you are stressed and you are not exercising, you are adding stress without oxygen and it is destructive to the body.


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