A Better Strategy for Weight Loss

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023


A Better Strategy for Weight Loss

Strategy is a higher level thing you do to get an advantage over things. Belly fat is not a weight problem; it is a high cortisol problem.

Diets don’t help with this. Diets don’t lower cortisol; they lower calories so they create stress and belly fat is held there for survival mechanism.

One of the purposes of  the body is holding fat in your belly which protects you against starvation.

What’s starvation? That’s a diet.

Every time you deprive yourself of food and you lower your calories too much, it won’t help the cortisol. The other thing you need to be careful with is  to do too much exercise. You may want to do long walks instead. Exercise is a type of stress that can aggravate the belly.


What to do?

Cortisol is a hormone from the adrenal that is jacked up way too high. It is an overactive gland.

We have to realize that the gland is triggered by all stresses. The biggest stressor are other people. Avoid stressful people. They will aggravate the adrenals.

Try to minimize the amount of exposure you have to stressful personalities.

If you are in a relationship or have an aggravating boss, I know it’s difficult so you have to counteract by doing things that are anti-stress like sleeping longer.

If you have sleep problems, you can use acupressure or my 'Adrenal Fatigue Formula'. There are no side effects.

Acupressure will literally pull stress out of your body and help you sleep. You can have it done right here in my office or do it yourself.

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