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7 Warning Signs That Your Kidneys Are Toxic

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023


Look out for these seven signs that your kidneys are toxic—and learn the best way to support healthy kidneys.

0:00 Introduction

0:25 What is the purpose of your kidneys?

1:12 7 warning signs that your kidneys are toxic

5:29 Primary causes of kidney damage

10:30 The best foods for your kidneys

14:00 Avoid these foods if you have kidney damage

15:17 The best diet for your kidneys

In this video, we’re going to talk about the seven warning signs that your kidneys are toxic.

What is the purpose of the kidneys? Kidneys filter your blood to get rid of toxins and reabsorb useful nutrients.

The more your kidneys are damaged, the more they fail to filter out waste products and toxins.

Early signs of kidney damage can include:

• A metallic taste in your mouth

• Itchiness

• Ammonia odor on breath

Here are the 7 Warning signs that your kidneys are toxic:

1. Edema (fluid build-up) in legs or underneath eyes

2. Uremic frost (urea crystal deposits on the skin)

3. High blood pressure

4. Exhaustion

5. Excess protein in the urine

6. Acidic urine

7. Low vitamin D

These are the primary causes of kidney damage:

#1 Diabetes

#2 High blood pressure

#3 Polycystic kidney disease

#4 Glomerulonephritis

If you have end-stage kidney disease, it’s important to avoid having too much phosphorus and potassium.

If you don’t have severe kidney damage, potassium is one of the most important minerals to support your kidneys.

When you have kidney damage, you will likely have low vitamin D and calcium.

The best foods and nutrients for your kidneys are:

• Leafy-green vegetables

• Asparagus

• Kale

• Celery

• Fish/seafood

• Organic grass-fed meat

• Baja gold sea salt

• Renafood (Standard Process)

Avoid these foods if you have kidney problems:

• Spinach

• Almonds

• Kiwi

• Beat leaves

• Beans

• Grains

• All low-quality foods that contain chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs

2.5 liters of water daily is ideal for supporting healthy kidneys.

The Healthy Keto diet and intermittent fasting plan is the best way to support healthy kidneys. If you’re new to this keto diet plan, check out my other videos on keto and IF to learn more.

Video on Potassium and Kidneys:

▶️ https://youtu.be/W58TvKl3Hzo

Baja Gold Sea Salt: ➠ https://bajagoldseasalt.com/

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