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Understanding these unexpected signs of heart disease could help save your life. 

0:00 Introduction: Unexpected signs of heart disease 

0:25 #1 High blood pressure 

3:20 #2 Coughing 

3:40 #3 Signs of dementia 

3:55 #4 Low urine output 

4:15 #5 Difficulty breathing while lying flat 

4:32 #6 Awakening from sleep gasping for air 

4:45 Preventing heart disease 

7:47 Check out my video on cholesterol! 

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death worldwide. It’s important to understand these unexpected signs of heart disease so you can spot a potential problem.

There are two different types of heart failure:

#1 Compensated heart failure: There are no symptoms other than high blood pressure with compensated heart failure—at least at first. 

#2 Decompensated heart failure: With decompensated heart failure, you could experience symptoms that are more widely known signs of a heart problem.

Common symptoms of a heart problem can include:

• Pitting edema in the lower legs 

• Getting out of breath easily (especially during exercise or going up a hill)

• Fatigue 

• Pain in the left arm 

• Chest pain

Unexpected signs of heart disease:

1. High blood pressure 

2. Coughing 

3. Signs of dementia

4. Low urine output 

5. Difficulty breathing while lying flat 

6. Awakening from sleep gasping for air 

How to support your heart and help prevent heart disease:

1. Take a mid-day nap (get plenty of sleep) 

2. Take vitamin E (tocotrienols) 

3. Consume vitamin K2 (fatty foods)

4. Get on a low-carb diet (try Healthy Keto)

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