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20 Signs of TOO MUCH Stress - Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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Too much stress can be dangerous. Check out the top signs of too much stress.

0:00 Introduction: Are you too stressed?

1:40 Signs of too much stress

19:10 Tips to manage stress

22:42 Check out my video on how to use acupressure to extract stress!

Today we’re going to talk about 20 signs that you have too much stress. I’m going to share some unique things to help you cope with stress better and strengthen your body’s ability to cope with stress.

You may have an incredible ability to tolerate stress and cope with it well. Regardless of whether or not your body is in stress mode, you may not feel stress too much. Others may have a poor ability to handle stress. Either way, these signs will help you identify that you're dealing with too much stress.

Signs of too much stress:

1. Bad effects on the brain

2. You’re not a morning person

3. Poor sleep

4. High blood sugars

5. More belly fat

6. Heavy legs going up an incline

7. Inflammation

8. Loss of electrolytes

9. Salt cravings

10. Susceptibility to infections

11. Autoimmune diseases

12. Acne

13. Asthma

14. Allergies

15. Sinus problems

16. Sleep apnea

17. Osteoporosis

18. Acid reflux

19. Gastritis

20. Gallstones

What to do if you have too much stress:

1. Shift your attention

2. Be around supportive people

3. Take vitamin B1 (nutritional yeast)

4. Consume high-potassium foods

5. Exercise or do physical work

6. Stop watching the news

7. Get on a low-carb diet

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