#1 Perfect Remedy for Keratosis Pilaris (CHICKEN SKIN)

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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Check out this fantastic natural remedy for keratosis pilaris.

0:00 Introduction: Keratosis pilaris remedy 

0:13 What is keratosis pilaris?

1:45 What causes keratosis pilaris?

6:35 The best remedy for keratosis pilaris

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Today we're going to talk about the best remedy for keratosis pilaris, also known as chicken skin or strawberry skin. Instead of focusing on treating this symptom, I'm going to share a great natural remedy for the root cause of this issue. 

Keratosis pilaris is an excess amount of keratin on the surface of the skin. This condition causes small and swollen red bumps on the back of the arms, thighs, or face. 

Causes of keratosis pilaris:

1. Vitamin A deficiency 

Common causes of a vitamin A deficiency:

• A lack of vitamin A in the diet 

• A problem with the liver or gallbladder 

• A gut issue that causes malabsorption 

• A vegan diet 

• A low-fat diet

2. High androgens (in females)

A common cause of high androgens:

• High insulin in the blood (hyperinsulinemia) 

Common causes of hyperinsulinemia:

• A high-carb diet

• Eating too frequently 

• High levels of stress

• Obesity 

• Metabolic syndrome 

• Omega-6 fats 

3. Estrogen dominance 

Common causes of estrogen dominance:

• Birth control pills 

• Pregnancy 

The best remedy for keratosis pilaris is cod liver oil. 

Cod liver oil:

• Contains omega-3 fatty acids

• Is great for the skin 

• Is anti-inflammatory 

• Supports blood sugar levels and reduces insulin

• Contains vitamin A 

• Is a good source of vitamin D 

If you have keratosis pilaris, try consuming a high-quality cod liver oil. It's also essential to correct your diet by cutting out omega-6 fats and going on a low-carb diet. Managing your stress levels and improving your liver will also be beneficial. 











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