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Zinc Has an Unexpected Sleep Benefits

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 09/12/2021


Check out what I recently discovered zinc could do for your sleep!


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Zinc is involved in so many things. It’s involved in over 300 pathways in the body. But, recently, I found out that zinc has an unexpected sleep benefit.

Typically a zinc deficiency is related to problems, such as:

• A child not growing quickly

• Low testosterone

• Loss of taste and smell

• Poor wound healing

• Poor immunity

• Ulcers

But a huge symptom of a zinc deficiency is poor sleep.

Different functions of zinc:

• It has a significant influence over the central nervous system

• It’s involved in neurotransmitters

 • It’s essential for making adenosine

• It’s involved in making dopamine

• It’s involved in making serotonin

• It exists in glutamatergic neurons (affects deep sleep)

Zinc is a sleep modulator. It helps control sleep. Any time you take zinc, you also want to take copper. For every 8-10mg of zinc, take .5-1mg of copper. You may also find it beneficial to get your zinc and copper from a blend of trace minerals.

Oysters have the highest amount of zinc. They are loaded with taurine, which supports physical performance and sleep. They also contain GABA receptor agonist, which supports sleep.




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