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Will Vegetables Slow Ketosis


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Will Vegetables Slow Ketosis?

Dr. Eric Berg

I get asked all the time, "Will vegetables slow down my ketosis?"

The answer is 'No.' Not if you're careful of what kind of vegetables you eat.

Certain vegetables like corn and maybe beets and carrots can have a lot of sugar in them. Juices from these are super high in sugar.

If you eliminate those, you don't have to worry about the vegetable family.

In fact, most traditional ketosis diets don't even differentiate the type of carbohydrate you eat.

They'll just say, "Have your 50 grams of carbohydrate."

I suggest that you use vegetables for 50 carbs. You can even go higher than that it you're using only the cruciferous vegetables and bitter greens and other low-carb vegetables.

If your metabolism is really slow and you're a little bit older or destroyed your metabolism in the past, you may need to go down anywhere from 40 to even 20 grams of carbohydrate a day.

The other thing you might want to do if you're having difficulty is to count the total carbs on the label - not the net carbs.

To get net carbs, you miss out the fiber. However, sometimes, the fiber can influence blood sugar even if it's inside.

I really recommend you consume vegetables to prevent a fatty liver, though, no matter what. When you burn all this fat and dump it out of the body, if you don't consume vegetables, you can hurt your liver and overload it with fat. You don't want non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Don't stop eating your vegetables!


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-Dr. Eric Berg

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