Why Abdominal Exercises Won't Work for Belly Fat

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Sit-ups and crunches won’t make you look thinner—here’s why!


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In this video, we’re going to talk about why abdominal exercises won’t shrink your belly.

If you go to the gym, you might notice people doing many forms of abdominal exercise. While this may strengthen your core, it won’t shrink your belly.

Studies show that there is no significant effect on weight, body fat percentage, abdominal circumference, abdominal skin fold, or abdominal subcutaneous fat when exercising your abdominal muscles. Abdominal exercise only affects your endurance.

What about your belly?

You have subcutaneous fat under your skin, and you have fat on your liver. The first thing that happens when you gain weight is your liver fills up with fat. From there, the fat spills out around your other organs.

The three types of fat are:

• Subcutaneous (just beneath the skin)

• Visceral (deeper fat around your organs)

• Liver fat

All of this fat comes from the same thing: insulin.

High levels of insulin cause your body to store fat and prevent your body from burning fat.

High insulin is caused by carbohydrate consumption.

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There are three important things you need to do to lose belly fat:

1. Lower your carbs (Healthy Keto)

2. Intermittent fasting

3. HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

Keto and intermittent fasting will provide 85% of the results. The other 15% of results will come from exercise.


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