What Makes Good Bacteria Turn Bad

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023


Find out what makes harmless bacteria turn bad.


0:00 Good and bad bacteria

1:10 What makes good bacteria turn bad?

3:18 Stress and the immune system

4:33 How to prevent bad bacteria

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Let’s talk about what makes good bacteria turn bad. Some bacteria do a lot of good things for us. Other bacteria are neutral. They don’t harm or help the body. But, sometimes, harmless bacteria will flip and become harmful.

The key factor that changes good bacteria into bad bacteria is their environment. Things like changes in pH, oxidative stress, temperature, and chemicals can affect the environment in the body.

Depending on what you eat, the environment in your body can change drastically. Antibiotics can also change the body’s environment very fast.

When bacteria are stressed because of environmental pressures, they develop colonies and protect themselves with biofilms. Biofilms are difficult to get rid of, and they’re linked to many different diseases.

When the body is under stress, the immune system becomes weakened. This makes us very susceptible to pathogens and developing infections. Out of all of the things that can harm us from an infection, I think the biggest factor is stress.

How to help prevent pathogens:

1. Make sure the environment your microbes live in is very friendly

2. Only take an antibiotic if you absolutely need it

3. If you take an antibiotic, also take a probiotic

4. Do whatever you can to minimize your stress level

5. Make sure your diet is very good (do healthy keto)

6. Do intermittent fasting



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