What is Iodine Good For?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 07/20/2021



What is iodine, and what is it really good for? Find out. 


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Let’s talk about what iodine is good for. Iodine is a trace mineral. A trace mineral is a mineral you need in tiny trace amounts. Even though you only need trace amounts, iodine is very important for your body. 

What iodine is good for: 

1. The thyroid 

• It creates thyroid hormones

• It promotes a healthy metabolism 

2. Protection against excess estrogen 

Iodine may help with conditions related to excess estrogen, such as:

• Fibrocystic breast 

• Ovarian cysts 

Iodine may also help decrease the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer)

Potential causes of excess estrogen:

• Pregnancy 

• Birth control pills

• Hormone replacement therapy 

• Non-organic foods

• Soy products 

3. Cognitive function (especially for a growing baby)

4. Reducing the need for insulin 

5. Preventing hot flashes 

It’s important to note that fluoride blocks the absorption of iodine. You can get too much fluoride from your water if your water filter doesn’t block it. Bromide or bromate, which is in flour products, can also block the absorption of iodine. It’s best not to consume any grains. 

Other potential causes of an iodine deficiency:

• Our soils don’t have the microbes to mobilize these trace minerals

• Consuming too many cruciferous vegetables (you would have to consume a tremendous amount of cruciferous vegetables over a long period of time)

Although it’s rare, if you’re concerned about consuming too many cruciferous vegetables because of the possibility it will block iodine, you could just take sea kelp with your cruciferous vegetables. 

Sea kelp is the best source of iodine. Just make sure it’s organic and from a healthy ocean. Sea kelp also contains other trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. 



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