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What Causes Alzheimers Disease

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia – the general terms for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life, according to ALZ.org. In Alzheimer’s case, it affects the memory, thinking, and behavior. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a normal part of aging. Increasing age is only the greatest known risk factor. Why does this happen? The brain cells degenerate and die, leading to the symptoms of the disease.

The most common cause linked to Alzheimer’s is genetics. However, another factor came up in the news recently, and it’s a study that shows the correlation between DDT and the ALZ.

What is DDT? It’s the acronym for dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. This is the first modern synthetic insecticide in the 1940s that was banned in the 1970s. However, this suddenly keeps on showing up in studies. How could this be when it’s been banned since the 1970s? In the U.S., it’s banned. But in third-world countries, they’re allowed to use it. Then, their produce is imported to the country, and that’s how it gets to penetrate to the brain.

Exposure to DDT is linked to the development of cancer and ALZ. In fact, in a study by the University of California, Davis found out that the average exposure to children exceeded benchmark levels for arsenic lead and DDE. DDE is dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene. This is when DDT loses its hydrogen chloride over time.

Unless you consume organic food, you’re being exposed to DDT. It’s going into our soils, our food, and our body, making it a time bomb with cancer or Alzheimer’s. Why wouldn’t the FDA or EPA protect us? Aren’t they aware of this? Companies involved in the production of these chemicals are on the panel that’s supposed to be protecting us. It’s clearly a conflict of interest.


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DDT conected to Alzheimer's Disease





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