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Transitioning Off Psychiatric Drugs

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/29/2021

Transitioning off psychiatric drugs can be done. But, it has to be done correctly. Here's what you need to know. 


0:00 Transitioning off of psychiatric drugs

0:15 Why you need your doctor's supervision 

1:15 Where to start 

Transitioning off of psychiatric drugs has to be done correctly. This means it has to be done under your doctor's supervision. 

Why do you need your doctor's supervision to come off of psychiatric drugs?

1. If you've taken a psychiatric drug for a long period of time, you may be dependent on it. If you come off of it too quickly, chances are you will have side effects. You need a very slow transition off of this medication, along with supervision. 

2. If you take a natural remedy and a psychiatric drug at the same time, you could end up with too much of a particular neurotransmitter, creating other problems. 

It's important to find a doctor that will work with you to help you transition off of the medication and provide supervision. The longer a person is on a psychiatric medication, the more their neurons are dependent on this medication. Any alteration can throw their body out of balance. 

It may be best to start with a diet change. Healthy keto and intermittent fasting may help affect your brain in a positive way. This will lay a foundation to make it easier to come off of the medication. 

Other things that may help:

• Exercise 

• Vitamins 

• Minerals 

• Trace minerals 

• Essential fats 

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