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author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Don't Like Vegetables? Try This!

Dr. Eric Berg

Actually folks, I really don't like vegetables a lot. I make myself eat them to stay healthy and to avoid a fatty liver.

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A lot of people have trouble getting enough vegetables into the diet and here's why:

1. Well, they take time to prepare.

2. They don't taste spectacular.

3. They require so much chewing.

And if I am left without my own devises, I'd eat potato chips and other salty snacks all day.

But I learned the consequences of not eating vegetables in my twenties, and I've made it a point to eat them daily ever since.

We NEED Vegetables

The main thing that we need from vegetables are the nutrients, raw enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. That's why we need to consume them.


Plus, if you want any chance of restoring liver damage - or even losing weight - you're going to have to change your mind about vegetables.

You cannot successfully lose weight and get healthy without vegetables---it's impossible.

And for preventing or reversing liver damage, it's essential. And if you have a big belly, folks, you already have a fatty liver - then you've GOT to eat those vegetables every day. Your liver needs these to help it break down fat - especially when you have low Fat Storing Hormone and really begin burning fat.

You need to eat RAW vegetables, at least half of them, raw. Not canned corn, not just cooked peas, but you need to really eat raw vegetables to get healthy and find ones that do not bloat you.

When I Don't Eat Vegetables...

If I don't eat vegetables one day, that day, I become sluggish, out of energy, drained, and low in mood and energy all day. I feel heavy, even, like I've consumed too much protein or a big meal that's too bloating.

When I do eat vegetables, I feel light and full of energy.

Full of Energy with Vegetables

To get healthy and lose weight, find vegetables you really like and get more raw vegetables in the diet.

One Thing You Can Do On Busy Days: Blend Your Veggies

Blending vegetables is a great way to get more vegetables in the diet without having a big sit down meal. Just throw some vegetables, some kale, some lemon juice, and some other veggies in a blender, and blend them and take them with you.

How to Make a Kale Shake

Take a blender and fill it up halfway with water.

Take your kale. I'm using at least 7 to 8 cups. So, it might be hard to eat this amount of kale, but it's easy to drink it, right?

Kale Shake

Now, kale doesn't last very long in the refrigerator. So I keep big bags of kale in a deep freeze in the basement.

It won't take long to blend the shake. Just press the blend button.

If you're not trying to lose weight, you can add bananas or berries, but I find that adding fruit to these big shakes might slow down weight loss for people with sluggish metabolisms.

How to Sweeten Your Kale Shake and Still Lose Weight (without Sugar)

You can take berry sweetened stevia. My wife likes chocolate stevia, so I use an instant kale shake with the berry sweetener. I add one scoop of this to my already-blended kale shake and then re-blend it. Now I have a doubly-nutritious, kale-packed shake that's sweetened with berries and I can drink it down easily, and it's delicious.

Drinking these kale shakes will help you get those 7 to 10 cups of vegetables you need every day for nutrition, for reversing fatty liver, and for keeping fat out of the liver as you begin losing all this weight on the Dr. Berg's low-Fat Storing Hormone diet plan.

Discover the uses of vegetables and see more Diet Advice from Dr. Berg Video Blog.

- Dr. Eric Berg

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