The Sleep Remedy That Can Double Your Burning of Fat

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

The Sleep Remedy That Can Double Your Burning of Fat

98 % of the burning of fat occurs when you are sleeping, if you are sleeping.

When you go to bed normally, there should be 4 waves of the hormones that go up and down.

The superficial sleep is called the REM sleep. The deep sleep is called the delta wave.

There are four times during the night that you are getting the delta wave sleep. If you are not getting that, then you are not burning fat.

When people are getting good sleep, they can double their ability to burn fat.

When people exercise, people think they are burning off these calories.

If you weigh yourself after a 2-hour or 3-hour workout, you won’t see any weight loss even if you burned 900 calories.

It’s the aftereffect that you burn the most fat - one to two days later in the deep sleep.

So, it’s the recovery phase after the workout. Even if you weigh yourself after you go to sleep, if you are really sleeping, you should be weighing a little less.

At night, there is a hormone that is released from your liver to help slowly release the fat.

All that fat is being converted to energy and being burned at night through the growth hormone. Growth hormone is what gets activated at night when you are sleeping.

What stops growth hormone is stress. If a person is stressed out, then they are not sleeping and not burning fat.

The remedy I have is the Adrenal Night Formula’. This is not a sleeping pill. This is an adrenal rejuvenation formula to help relieve the stress of the body.

So, you can really calm down and relax.

When you go to sleep at night, you can take a sleeping pill but it doesn’t necessarily fix your sleep. It just creates a drug effect.

‘Adrenal Night Formula’ is better because it pulls the stress out and you are allowed to go to the delta wave sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

It is a natural way of improving the sleep pattern because it supports the adrenal.

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