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The Real Reason Why You Do Not Lose Weight

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/12/2016

The Real Reason Why You Don't Lose Weight

Every single time I ask a person, “Why do they want to lose weight?” they always say, “Well, I want to feel better.”

The strategy is backwards because it violates the law which is get healthy to lose weight’, not losing weight to get healthy.

Your goal is to feel healthy first which means having tons of energy such as:

  • having a high tolerance for stress
  • being relaxed
  • not feeling stressed
  • not having cravings
  • not feeling pain
  • not having menstrual cycle pain
  • not feeling bloated

That's feeling healthy.

If you are to focus your energy on those things, your weight will come off. The weight is a symptom and it’s not a cause.

If you try to lose weight on top of fatigue, with cravings, heavy bloating, stress, no sleeping – good luck because that’s not going to happen. It’s going to be rough and tough. All these programs out there don’t consider getting healthy first. It is so simple and it always works.

I will guarantee getting healthy first will work. The people that get in the situation where they are feeling better always lose weight.

The first thing you have to feel is more energy before you start losing weight. Focus on feeling healthy first and the weight will follow. I promise.

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