The REAL Reason We Need Magnesium

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Evidence suggests magnesium may promote a healthy heart. Find out why!

0:00 Introduction: The real reason we need magnesium

2:15 Potential effects of low magnesium

2:57 Magnesium sources

4:06 Best and worst magnesium supplements

6:05 Check out my video on calcium!

In this video, we’re going to talk about the real reason we need magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role in heart health and is a natural beta blocker. Magnesium can help to lower blood pressure and improve heart health it is also a natural anticoagulant, which can help to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

These are some of the most commonly known benefits of magnesium:

1. Leg cramps

2. Relaxation & calmness

3. Sleep

4. Inflammation

5. Blood sugar

6. Electrolyte

7. Bone health

8. Energy (ATP)

However, the real reason magnesium is essential is that it promotes a healthy heart and arteries.

The FDA allows the following health claim:

“Consuming diets with adequate magnesium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. However, the FDA has concluded that the evidence is inconsistent and inconclusive.”

Magnesium has a significant effect on the cardiovascular system. However, it’s also important that you consume a healthy diet. Taking magnesium won’t make much of a difference if you’re eating an unhealthy, carb-loaded diet.

Magnesium deficiency can have some potentially dangerous side effects, including:

• Apathy

• Depression

• Convulsions

• Cramps

• Weakness

66% of the population does not meet the minimum requirement for magnesium. Magnesium levels have dropped significantly over the last 50 years.

The best sources of magnesium are vegetables. The average person only consumes 1.5 cups of vegetables each day—but you need 7 to 10 cups of vegetables daily for optimal health.

Other sources of magnesium include:

• Grains (avoid!)

• Green vegetables

• Nuts and seeds

• Seafood

• Meats

• Berries

Avoid these forms of magnesium supplements:

• Oxide

• Hydroxide

• Carbonate

• Sulfate

Stick with these forms of magnesium:

• Citrate (may act as a laxative)

• Threonate

• Bisglycinate

• Orotate

• Taurate

• Malate


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