The Mid-Back Stress Connection

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Could your mid-back actually be the cause of your stress or vice versa? Check this out!


0:00 Mid-back pain and stress

1:12 Stress remedies

In this short video, I want to talk about the relationship between your mid-back and your stress level.

The sympathetic nervous system is the fight or flight mechanism in the body, and when it’s activated, you go through stress. The sympathetic nervous system is located in your mid-back.

If you have stiffness or pain in your mid-back, it’s going to keep you in stress mode. If you’re in stress mode, this could keep your back stiff and in pain. Eating the wrong foods can also cause your digestive system to spasm, leading to back pain, which can keep you in stress mode.

Natural remedies for stress:

1. Get an adjustment in your mid-back from a chiropractor

2. Get a massage on your mid-back

3. Stretch your mid-back (using the cats and dogs Egoscue method)

You can also use a technique I developed using a specific massage tool I created.

Check out the Egoscue Method Here ➜ ➜

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