The Importance of Zinc for Muscles

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Find out why zinc is so important for your muscles!


0:00 Introduction: Zinc for muscles

0:24 The best source of zinc

0:33 Why do your muscles need zinc?

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In this short video, let’s talk about the importance of zinc for your muscles. 49.5% of the zinc in the body is located in the muscles.

One of the best sources of zinc is red meat. When you consume red meat, you’re getting a lot of bioavailable zinc.

Why zinc is important for your muscles:

1. Zinc is essential for rebuilding muscle fibers after a workout

2. Zinc is a catalyst for muscle recovery (specifically the speed of recovery)

3. Zinc is vital in building muscle size and strength (it’s needed for protein synthesis)

4. Zinc is necessary to keep inflammation low in the muscles and joints

5. Zinc keeps oxidation in check after workouts (preventing muscle loss)

6. Zinc helps in the production of testosterone (testosterone helps increase the size and strength of the muscles)


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