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The Health Benefits of Rosemary

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 11/05/2021

Check out the interesting benefits of rosemary!  


0:00 Introduction: What is rosemary used for? 

0:30 Rosemary benefits 

1:25 Rosemary for insulin resistance 

1:40 Share your success story!

In this short video, I want to cover the wonderful benefits of rosemary. 

Rosemary is an amazing herb that people use for all different kinds of things. People use rosemary as tea. They also use it in their food, marinades, stews, soups, and food preservatives. Rosemary is even used in certain cosmetics. 

Rosemary has some very interesting properties, mainly from rosmarinic acid. Rosmarinic acid is the main phytonutrient in rosemary, and it has some really cool effects. 

Rosemary can help stimulate hair growth when used as an oil and applied to the scalp. One study showed a significant change when using rosemary to help inhibit cognitive decline. Another study showed that rosemary can increase insulin sensitivity and help with weight loss. Rosemary is also neuroprotective. 

There are potential benefits when using rosemary for: 

• Epilepsy 

• Pain relief 

• Infertility

• Anxiety 

• Constipation 

• Muscle pain 

• Diabetes 

• Inflammation   

If you have insulin resistance, which is very common, rosemary is a very good herb to use in your food on a regular basis. 



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