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The Dangers of Stopping Smoking

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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The Dangers of Stopping Smoking

DISCLAIMER: I do not smoke and I do not recommend smoking. I highly recommend you do stop smoking but you must do it correctly.

What I have witness with many people that are chronic smokers, they stop very suddenly smoking, they start gaining weight in the stomach from a high adrenal and then will have problems with the heart and blood pressure.

I know there are people this doesn’t happen to, but I’ve observed many that do have this problem.

Nicotine is a drug that triggers certain body chemicals called neurotransmitters which is a hormone-like chemical that travels through the nervous system.

Hormones are chemicals that travels through the blood. Nicotine triggers the neurotransmitters that has to do with the stimulation of the adrenal gland and other body parts.

Over time, chronic smokers will trigger the adrenal to the point where they start to feel relax when smoking. Nicotine dilates the arteries around the heart so it makes you feel relax when you smoke.

Nicotine also relaxes the bronchial tubes and it makes you feel like you can breathe better. Over time it has less affective so that’s why some feel they need to smoke more to create that same affect.

People genuinely smoke to reduce stress. Nicotine is just a drug that is stimulating certain chemicals in your body which are causing a lot issues. It’s an illusion that your stress is going down but it is really going up.

Over time, the receptor that receives that chemical to the adrenal, the brain and other parts of the body, starts to become downgraded or resistant.

Your body is trying to adapt and reject the nicotine so, it’s going to force the body to not absorb it or let it in. But, the adrenal or stress gland is so dependent on the nicotine that if you stop cold turkey with these receptors, being downgraded, you will have a shift of neurotransmitters that will go way down.

How to Stop Smoking Correctly

Right before, during and after stop smoking you need to replace the raw material to build up those neurotransmitters with:

  • Phemylaline

  • Tryrosine

  • L-Dopa

  • B Vitamin – From Nutritional Yeast

You can buy these at the health food store. These are amino acids that you can get that will help build up your reserves, will help with neuro transmitters, keep you from gaining weight and have other problems.


Undertand the risks of smoking and see more Health and Welness advice from Dr. Berg Video Blog.

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