The Best Vitamin K2 Foods

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/15/2024

Most people are not getting the adequate amount of vitamin K2, because modern diets often lack essential fatty foods that carry this vital vitamin.

Learn about the benefits of vitamin K2 and what foods you should eat to make sure you are incorporating enough in your diet.

The Interplay between Vitamin K2 and D3

Vitamins K2 and D3 work together seamlessly: while vitamin D helps absorb calcium from our diet, K2 directs this absorbed calcium toward our skeleton.

A deficiency in either of these superheroes can upset this delicate balance.

Similarly, when there's not enough vitamin K2 around to control where the absorbed calcium goes, you may find that instead of strengthening your bones, calcium begins depositing itself into arteries or joints.

This incorrect deposition could lead to arterial stiffness, heart issues, or increased blood pressure.

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The Consequences of Vitamin K2 Deficiency

Vitamin K2 is crucial to our health, but many people are not getting enough. Low levels can lead to severe cardiovascular problems and joint discomfort.

How Dietary Choices Impact Vitamin K2 Levels

Avoiding fatty foods could harm your health. By avoiding rich foods, we may be depriving ourselves of essential vitamin K2.

Despite its high-fat content, cheese is one of the top sources of vitamin K2. The same goes for other animal-based products like butter and eggs.

A study found that many people don't get enough vitamin K from their diets due to avoidance of certain fats. So while avoiding trans-fats is essential, healthy fats should be a regular part of your diet.

Top Sources of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 can be found in various edibles, particularly from animal-derived sources. Let's see where we can find the most vitamin K2.

The Importance of Grass-Fed Animal Products

Grass-fed animal products, like butter and meats, are packed with vitamin K2. They outshine their grain-fed counterparts because grass-feeding allows animals to develop more nutrients.

Did you know that hard cheese and soft cheese also offer significant amounts? This makes them not just tasty but also healthful additions to any meal.

Unconventional Sources of Vitamin K2

You might be surprised to learn that goose liver is another excellent source. It might not be on everyone’s menu, but its nutrient profile speaks volumes about its value.

Intriguingly enough, salami isn't left behind either. Next time you reach for a sandwich filler or pizza topping, consider this savory treat; it has more than a taste.

Last on our list – egg yolk. Despite being vilified by cholesterol-conscious people in the past years, eggs continue to prove themselves as an affordable powerhouse food item rich in many essential vitamins, including K2.

Vegan-Friendly Sources of Vitamin K2

Being vegan doesn't mean you can't get your share of vitamin K2. Let's look at plant-based sources that pack a punch in this essential nutrient.

Fermented vegetables

The Power of Fermented Foods

Fermentation is nature's way to boost the nutritional value of foods, including increasing their vitamin K2 content. The magic happens when bacteria transform ordinary ingredients into health-boosting powerhouses.

Natto, a fermented soy product popular in Japan, leads the pack for vegan-friendly sources. Its unique flavor may be an acquired taste, but it’s worth giving natto a try, given its high concentration of vitamin K2.

Other notable mentions are sauerkraut and miso soup, which also carry decent amounts. Not only can they add exciting flavors to your meals, but these foods are also rich in vitamins and probiotics.

Remember, diet variety is critical. Don’t just rely on supplements, incorporate these natural food options as well.

Dispelling Myths about Vitamin K2-Rich Foods

Contrary to popular belief, many fatty foods are sources of essential nutrients like vitamin K2. Many rich foods are packed with vital nutrients, including vitamin K2.

One of these misconceptions involves dairy products like butter and cheese. Yes, they contain fat. However, when sourced from grass-fed animals, these foods offer a substantial dose of vitamin K2.

So, rather than shunning them entirely because they're high in fats, we should appreciate their nutritional value.

A similar myth surrounds meats and eggs – often avoided due to cholesterol concerns, but let's not forget that they're also excellent sources of vitamin K2. Goose liver is one potent source.

The fear around eating fats needs to be reframed as an understanding that some fats provide essential vitamins our bodies need. Avoiding trans-fats while indulging in healthy fats is the best route to take.

Hair and Vitamin K2

When it comes to hair health, vitamin K2 plays an underrated yet significant role. Vitamin K2 benefits hair by contributing to its strength and vitality.

This essential nutrient supports blood circulation throughout the scalp, ensuring hair follicles receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen to thrive. Moreover, vitamin K2 helps prevent the accumulation of calcium in the scalp, which can impede hair growth.

By maintaining a healthy scalp environment and promoting proper circulation, vitamin K2 can contribute to your hair's overall quality and appearance, making it a valuable addition to your hair care routine.


Vitamin K2 is a crucial nutrient often overlooked in modern diets, primarily due to the avoidance of essential fatty foods that carry this vital vitamin.

It works with vitamin D3 to direct calcium to the bones, preventing problems like cardiovascular issues and joint discomfort. To ensure sufficient intake, incorporate foods rich in vitamin K2, such as grass-fed animal products and fermented foods, into your diet.

Dispelling myths about these foods' fat content is crucial, as they offer essential nutrients.

Incorporating vitamin K2-rich foods into our diets can have profound benefits for our overall health and well-being, making it an essential nutrient to prioritize for optimal health.

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